"Marching band programs will be lining up for [Win-D-Fender]. And I don't mean just America; the whole world will line up."

Marcus Henderson
Flutist for the Marshall Tucker Band

"After years of playing outdoor concerts and being at the mercy of the wind, I am so thankful for Win-D-Fender. No more hoping and I know my flute will work no matter what the weather!”

Kara Kirkendoll Welch
Flutist for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Professor of Flute at SMU

"The Win-D-Fender is an essential tool, whether a flutist is playing outside in windy conditions or in the recording studio. It blocks incoming wind to help make the sound more consistent outdoors. It helps reduce wind noise and give focus to the sound when in front of a microphone, taking the room or hall out of the equation indoors. I highly recommend this innovative device!"

Karen Evans Moratz
Principal Flute, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Artist in Residence, Jordan College of the Arts, Butler University
Author, Flute For Dummies (John Wiley & Sons)

"It's a miracle!”

Helen Blackburn
Principal Flutist with the Dallas Opera, and Professor of Flute at West Texas A&M University

"Win-D-Fender es el complemento perfecto para que ni el viento ni nadie pueda impedir que toquemos y nuestra música siga sonando"

"Win-D-Fender is the perfect complement to the flute. Neither the wind nor anyone can prevent us from playing and our music."

Marta De La Viuda Espadas
Creadora de la página web:
Flauta en la unidad de música de la ABA

"The Win-D-Fender is a must have for any flutist that performs outdoors. We all know the gamble that we face playing outdoors and often times are at the mercy of the wind. There have been many performances where important solos and passages unfortunately weren't my best due to the wind. With the Win-D-Fender all my worries are gone and I can play confidently even on a windy day. The best part is that the Win-D-Fender is light weight and easy to use! There will not be another concert that I perform outdoors without my Win-D-Fender! "

Chris Cox
President of the Texas Flute Society
Adjunct Music Faculty at Tarrant County College
Flute Instructor at Carroll ISD and Grapevine/Colleyville ISD

"My tone was completely unaffected by the wind. It felt just like playing indoors. I wish I had this back in my marching band days. "

Dr. Shauna Kay Thompson
Professor of Flute at Texas Christian University

"Flutists and flute teachers universally fight tension and tight lips in embouchure, especially when flute faces tighten up and push against the wind during marching season. Win-D-fender allows flutists to play freely, with a supple, flexible embouchure that they need year round and without any compromise in tone quality. As a teacher, I am so thankful for this invention! When testing the product with students, they say they appreciate the ability to hear themselves better, an added bonus, and are therefore better able to make the specific musical requests made by their directors, both on the field and in the stands. I have hope that with Win-D-fender, flutists all over will love marching band as much as the brass once their commitments seem more fruitful for the simple fact that their efforts and contributions can be heard!"

Cecilia Hamilton
Flute Instructor, Coppell ISD

"I had an opportunity to try the Win-D-Fender, and I am amazed how well it works. My flute students have struggled to perform in marching band on windy days, and it can be really frustrating when they cannot do their best after all of the practice they have done to prepare for important competitions.

This is a tool that will improve their performances greatly. I would certainly buy one, just in case I have an outdoor gig on a windy day.

Dr Ellen Kaner
Adjunct Instructor of Flute at UT-Arlington
Texas Flute Society - Past President
Site Manager for Floot Fire

"Just when you need it the most, the Win-D-Fender saves the day. Perfect for flutists of all levels who need to sound like a professional anywhere, anytime. A truly revolutionary tool like this should be a staple for flutists of all ages. Cutting edge technology makes every player invincible against the wind interference. "

Erich Tucker, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory, Musicology, and Flute, Tarrant County College
Texas Flute Society- past president

"The Win-D-Fender is sleek, lightweight, and works miracles. From marching band performances to outdoor gigs, this product is a lifesaver. Never sacrifice your beautiful tone on account of the weather again! "

Taylor Heaton
Flute Teacher/Masterclass Instructor

"The Win-D-Fender is unlike any other flute accessory on the market. It prevents the wind from stopping your sound without stifling your sound or resonance. It has the potential to become a mainstay in marching band programs, as flutists often struggle to maintain a solid tone against unpredictable winds. Customization is also appealing for the individual and for show design. The WinDFender is also lightweight and easy to mount.

I would highly recommend the Win-D-Fender

Martin Godoy, MM
Colleyville Heritage HS
Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Flute Instructor
Diamonds Dance Guard Director

"Any flutist who has played outdoors has likely had issues with the wind interfering with the air stream, leaving them with an almost inaudible sound. My very first experience playing flute outside was in high school marching band. The first time I brought my flute up to play, nothing came out. I was so embarrassed! Until the Win-D-Fender, I thought this was going to be the norm for outdoor flute playing.

The Win-D-Fender is extremely easy to use! It just clips onto your flute and does not disrupt the balance of the flute in your hands. It isn't heavy and does not affect how you play, while protecting your airstream so that you can produce sound, even in weather conditions that aren't ideal. Any flutist who performs outdoors will benefit from the Win-D-Fender.

Kathryn Vinod
Performs regularly in the DFW area with several ensembles including the Northeast Orchestra